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Locksmith London Ontario


Locksmith London Ontario, Choosing a locksmith for your home or office is just as important as the locks you choose to install. It is important to make sure that whoever you call to your home is professional and trustworthy, after all they will be handling your locks and your home’s security. Locksmith London Ontario hires only the best technicians in the industry. All our technicians have gone through vigorous training and are all certified. Not only are they in the business for a long time, but they keep tthemselves up do date by attending workshops on a monthly basis. In the security and technology world, there are always new techniques coming through. It is important to never fall behind and always know the best products out on the market so we can offer only the best to our customers.


Now, regarding products and tools, it is no surprise we use the best here too. In order to provide the best service possible, Locksmith London Ontario knows it cannot provide the highest grade quality by using lower end tools. Some may believe that saving on tools is actually a good way to cut down company costs, as a good technician will be able to use any tools to complete their job. That, unfortunately, is wrong. It would be quite amazing if that were the truth. In reality, better tools allow the technician to complete the job with the highest accuracy and efficiency.


The next question you may have is when exactly do you need to use a locksmith? You can call Locksmith London Ontario at (866) 820-1331 and simply ask if we can help. The use of a locksmith can come handy in many situations. There are situations where you can book an appointment in advance for services such as a lock change when moving in to a new home, or re-keying your locks after an employee has suddenly left. Other services require an immediate response as booking an appointment would be impractical. We respond and serve all lockouts as well as lock changes on an emergency call. Locksmith London Ontario works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, including all holidays and weekends. Do not hesitate to give us a call, no matter what the time, even if you just have a simple question. One of our dispatchers will answer your call in a few moments and if they are not able to answer your questions, as it may be on a more technical term, one of our technicians will! Our technicians will be more than happy to answer any question you may have for them. We offer free quotes to all customers, so if you are wondering about pricing, you can give us a call about that too. We will even send you out a technician if a more complex job needs to be done.


Locksmith London Ontario


What can you do if you find yourself locked out of your home? Thinking about kicking that door in? Or even throwing a rock through the window? Think again. If you break a door or window, you will have to sleep in an unsecure home for one night at least. Then, you will have to call a service professional to fix your damage which will include replacing that door or window. There is good news. Locksmith London Ontario works 24/7 all year round so you do not have to worry about a way to get into your home. You can simply call us at (866) 820-1331 and have one of our technicians on the way to you. We promise that calling a locksmith will always be cheaper than replacing a whole door or window. Some people even risk their personal health by trying to climb up through a window or through their balconies. This is definitely not the way to go as you can fall off and seriously injure yourself. This is what we do, this is why we are here, to help you out in case of an emergency. We attend to emergencies such as car lockouts, office lockouts, kids locked in a bedroom/washroom or vehicle, emergency lock changes and many more. That being said, if you find your child or pet stuck in a vehicle we will provide quick and free service to get them out.

Usually when calling a locksmith in the middle of the night, it is usually due to the fact that there is a lockout situation. That is not the case at all times, we have encountered many situations where a lock change needs to be done immediately. These situations usually occur when an employee gets fired or a spousal/roommate altercation. You can trust that we will keep your privacy and confidentiality when dealing with vulnerable situations.


Automotive Locksmith London Ontario


Calling a locksmith for your vehicle is quite a popular demand as well. Most of the calls come from accidentally locking the keys inside the vehicle or the trunk. Our technicians at Locksmith London Ontario are able to open all vehicle with a 100% success rate. At times, the keys are locked in the trunk and that can get a little bit tricky. If the vehicle has access to a little lever from inside the vehicle that pops the trunk open, then no problem at all. The locksmith will simply open the vehicle

as he normally would and proceed to opening the trunk by pulling on the lever. It can get a little more complicated if there is no access to the trunk from inside. At that point, the locksmith technician will usually pick the lock of the trunk in order to open it with no damage. Creating and duplicating vehicle keys is one of our specialities as well. All you need is your vehicle licence and information and we will be able to create you a brand new key in case you had lost it. If you find yourself having troubles with your vehicle and need help call us at (866) 820-1331.


Expert Locksmith London Ontario

As previously mentioned, there is no locksmith service we cannot do. No job is too simple or too complicated for us. We regard each job with the care and attention it deserves, as we appreciate all our clients equally. We work on residential homes and commercial businesses, but also service the industrial region as well. Lockouts, lock changes, re-keying, garage doors, patio doors, access control, and CCTV is just a touch of what we do. Believe us when we say we do it all! Simply give us a call and find out today (866) 820-1331.